Next to your home, the workplace is probably where you spend most of your precious waking hours. It’s where you earn your wages, and it’s also where you get to meet friends, contacts and new relationships.

Have you thought of your office as a place of relaxation and comfort? I‘m sure most of you don’t, judging by the fact that our stress levels peak when we have to deal with the daily demands at work. Added to this is probably the feel of the office: stacks of paper on your desk, an ever-activated desktop computer where you punch in data on a daily basis, and the amount of clutter that surrounds you.

You can change all of these stressors if you really put your mind into it. One way of de-stressing while at the office is to spruce up your workplace with a touch of elegance and design. The solution: put rugs in your office! It might appear so simple, but putting the right rug under your chair could change the way you work and think about your place of employment.

Each year, new trends are coming up for fashion pieces. Rugs are no exception! If you are planning to design your office with a new rug this year, here are some inspirations based on rug trends that fit the workplace:

Moroccan Rugs (as featured in Houzz)

4-moroccan-rug Rugs San Diego

These luxurious rugs are so hot right now, that you can put them not only in your home but also at the office. These furry floor furnishings are best for welcoming guests into the office of a supervisor or boss. Its soft texture is also comforting to anyone who sees it. You don’t even need to touch the fabric to know how soft and warming this rug is.

Wooden Rugs (as featured in Trend Hunter)

1-woodsy-rugs-made-of-bamboo Rugs San Diego

If your office is already lined with carpet – although most are in dull gray color – then let your office space pop out with a wooden rug. One of the hottest trends is a bamboo office mat that you can just roll up if you want to keep it. The bright brown color of wood should be able to bring life to the otherwise lackluster color of the office floor.

Layered Rugs (as featured in Tastemaker)

2-layered-rugs Rugs San Diego

Speaking of putting a rug on top of a carpeted floor, layered rugs are also becoming a huge trend. Why stick to just one style of rug, when you can put one on top of another? The topmost rug is usually the most colorful, and it makes a particular section of the room pop out. You can use this at the office to showcase a significant part of the room, such as the company CEO picture or a particularly expensive display.

Over-Dyed Rugs (as featured in Houzz)

3-over-dyed-rugs Rugs San Diego

People who are not too keen on authenticity may find this colorful turquoise rug a great find. This bargain-priced rug looks elegant enough to be the centerpiece of your office floor. Over-dyed rugs exude a vintage appeal that evoke elegance and royalty.

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