We’re now on the home stretch of January, but it’s not too late to start updating your house for 2015. In fact, the folks at Houzz just reported the latest trends in home decor and furnitures at the Winter 2015 Las Vegas Market. The annual trade show features the latest trends in the field of home decoration, as presented by the world’s leading manufacturers and brands.

Here are some of the home styling trends from the Las Vegas Market that you might want to try this year:

Egg shapes

egg-shaped-lights Rugs San Diego

These will probably remind you of a more rustic farm-like atmosphere, but eggs were all over the place during the Las Vegas Market. The entrance of the Market was adorned with a sculpture called “Home”, which is a huge bird’s nest filled with gigantic golden eggs. Using egg shapes in the house will invite the birth of great things to come.

Things that evoke nature

wood-resin-furniture Rugs San Diego

Aside from eggs, nature-centric shapes like leaves and branches are trending this year. You might also want to invest in new furniture made of wood and resin.

Metals with rose-gold shades

rose-gold-chairs Rugs San Diego

If you have metal chairs or table frames, consider painting them with a rose-gold color combination. This trend seems to be picking up, based on what Houzz observed in the Market.

Game pieces

chess-pieces-furniture Rugs San Diego

One of the quirkiest displays in the Las Vegas Market was the array of game-related furniture. It may be due to the character of Vegas as a gaming center, but the Market played host to a number of decors that remind you of popular games such as chess and playing cards.

[ All images from Houzz ]

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