As we all prepare for the turn of the year, it’s important to learn what trends will tick in 2015. This is the perfect time to change things around the house, particularly in home accessories, colors, styles, and accents.

2014 proved to be a big year for rugs and home styling, and 2015 promises to be no different. Here are some of the rug trends in 2015 that you need to know:

Go for blue

calypso-blue Rugs San Diego

According to style company Robert Allen, the color that will define 2015 is calypso blue. If you’re planning to change your living room sofa or your rugs, make sure it’s calypso blue. You can also use other blue hues such as ultramarine or jewel blue.

Follow an organic modern style

organic-modern-chair Rugs San Diego

Adorning your interiors with things that remind you of nature will definitely break out in 2015. Organic modernism involves seemingly uneven structural elements to exude a more natural atmosphere. It’s also good to use natural materials as textures for rugs and accessories. Try to strike a balance between modern contemporary style and the more gritty, nature-centric elements.

Linear patterns that flow

linear-pattern-that-flows Rugs San Diego

Contrary to popular belief, lines and edges aren’t necessarily boring. In fact, many styles in 2014 have been using lines that seem to flow through colors or arrangements, and this same trend will most probably be carried over to the next year.

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