Rugs Are Everywhere – But Why Are They So Popular?

Seeing beautiful rugs in everybody else’s homes? Beginning to think that your place might be missing one of its very own? Rugs add personality, comfort, and warmth to a home – they’re almost always a positive addition.

There are loads of rug options available to you – at Outrageous Rugs, we have over 3,000 – but if you’re not exactly sure about the whole rug thing yet, read on to find out exactly how and why adding a rug to your home is a great idea.

1. A Rug Is Surefire Way To Make A Place Your Own

Hands up if you’re renting! If so, along with a big chunk of the rest of the population, you’ll be limited by your landlord’s rules. Painting is generally a no-go, let alone renovation. Often even blinds will be provided, with instructions not to touch.

A rug is a really easy way to make a rental home feel like your own – and when you move out, you can simply roll it up and take it with you (much easier than repainting walls to their original color). If you’re a property owner, chances are your place isn’t brand spanking new – adding a rug has the same effect of making your house a home.

2. Rugs Are A Great Tool To Divvy Up Your Space

Have an open-plan living space? It can be overwhelming to furnish a big, open-plan room – and the division of space can often end up feeling somewhat arbitrary. “The living room is here, and this is the study…” A great, easy way to differentiate different areas in an open space is to use a rug.

Choose a modern, not-too-plush rug for office areas, and lay down a cozy, inviting rug in between the couch and the TV; consider a runner for in-between thoroughfares. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this makes.

3. Rugs Are Decorative And Beautiful

The floor is just as open for decoration as the walls: you wouldn’t neglect to hang artwork on your walls, so why neglect to place beautiful rugs on your floors? There are so many different styles of rugs to choose from – traditional to modern and everything in between – that it’s easy to decorate your floors along with your walls.

Plus, a really beautiful, statement rug can have an even bigger impact than a statement piece of art: being fabric, a rug can change the feel of a room in ways that a painting can’t.

4. Rugs Are Nice And Cozy To Walk On – And Keep Heat And Sound In

If you have hardwood floors, they probably don’t feel so great underfoot in winter. Wood gets chilly; slippers were invented for a reason. But a cozy rug can change that entirely – they’re warm to walk on and provide better insulation, more effectively keeping heat in your house (and that power bill down).

Bonus: as well as the comfort and warmth factor, rugs also dampen sound – extra helpful if you’re living in an apartment. Some landlords even mandate rugs on hardwood floors for noise control.

So There You Have It – Rugs Have A Lot To Offer

We hope the popularity of rugs makes more sense now – a rug is a really easy, worthwhile addition to almost any home. If you like the sound of having a rug to call your own, Outrageous Rugs is the place to go. With knowledgeable staff and a value guarantee, we can help you with any and all of your rug needs. Stop by today and see for yourself!