Designing a home may sound like a monumental task, prompting many homeowners to either spend too much on interior decorating services or settle with the drab and dreary style of their houses.

But contrary to popular belief, all it takes to make a home more interesting is a little imagination. Although following the latest home styling trends or reading about them in magazines and websites is a great idea to start with, you can go ahead and style up your home the way you want it to look.

Of course, it may be difficult to start your home design projects if you don’t know where to start. Here are five easy but effective techniques to make the rooms in your home so much more interesting and beautiful:

Play with colors

All you need is a paint bucket and a paintbrush to change the style of a particular room. It’s your home, so go ahead and go all-out crazy in terms of choosing your wall colors. Be sure to pick one or two colors in a room so as not to make things too loud or dizzying.

Use large images or graphics

Whether it’s graffiti art or a huge framed picture, putting a large piece of imagery on the wall immediately captures the attention towards that portion of the room. What’s great about this is that you don’t need to put more decorations in that room, because the large image already speaks volumes.

Put asymmetric figures

Don’t be afraid to use shapes outside of the traditional rectangles and circles. You can use honeycomb patterns for your wall tiles, or graphics-inspired imagery on the floor. In the same way that animal rugs provide more drama than conventional rectangular rugs.

Change your doors and windows

Speaking of shapes, you can install doors and windows that don’t follow the traditional rectangular shape. Have your doors custom-made to a unique shape or design. If you feel that this costs too much, go to antique shops that might sell unique doors.

Switch up surfaces and materials

Who says bathrooms are limited to ceramic tiles and glossy metal fixtures? You can experiment in terms of materials, say a wood-laden bathroom with black fixtures. This is also applicable in othr areas of the home. Instead of putting an antique rug on the floor, why not hang it on a blank wall?

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