A new home is always the perfect place to start fresh, especially in terms of interior design. Unfortunately, many people are afraid to dab onto the styling department for fear that their choices may destroy the experience of staying at home.

Take the case of choosing a color scheme for the house. Some are fearful that the color that they pick might not be right, that it may fend off visitors, or that it might be too outlandish.

Here are some techniques to ensure that your choice of color will not scream for attention (too much):

Start with tame colors and work your way up

Black, white, gray, beige, and brown. These colors may look drab to some, but if you’re unsure of the color that suits your home, it’s better to start on something that’s not too flashy. What’s good about these colors is that you can mix and match them. You can combine white flooring with a brown Oriental rug, or black walls with a grey painting.

Blue is nature’s favorite color

Much of the natural atmosphere that you see is blue, courtesy of the sky. You can use the color blue — in its various shades and hues — to put color into your house. Navy blue is a particularly classic color that goes with any kind of style and season. Imagine a navy blue sofa in a white living room — pure style genius!

Relax your eyes with green

The color green has been known to have a relaxing effect, especially the pastel or muted hues. Green goes well with brown colors or wooden furniture to remind you of the woods.

Stick on a color palette

All the rooms in your house must feel cohesive, and colors can do the trick. Make sure that the color palette is consistent throughout your home. If you started with pastel colors, don’t veer into regal colors like gold and maroon.

Use pillows and rugs to inject color

If you cannot commit to a permanent color right now, you can use removable and easily changeable items like throws and rugs as your color items. Colorful rugs can serve as a centerpiece or highlight in a room, so choose wisely.

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