Taking care of your precious rug can be daunting at times. As soon as you buy the rug and place it in your home, it will probably take you a while before you realize that you need to clean and care for them. Otherwise, you’ll end up with either a damaged rug or a filthy one.

We at Outrageous Rugs want to help rug owners get the best out of their carpets and rugs, and that’s why we’re here to answer any questions that you might have. Here are three of the most common questions asked by rug owners, and we invite you to check out our answers to these queries.

How often should my rugs be cleaned?

Rugs tend to take up dust, fine particles, and even small critters. It’s good practice to vacuum your rug once a week. You also need to schedule annual cleaning of your rug by sending it to a professional rug cleaner.

In case of spills, it’s best to clean up the spill as soon as you discover it. Otherwise, the moisture may become an attractive haven for molds that could destroy the fabric of your rug.

Is it safe to clean my rug at home without damaging it?

Routine vacuuming may be done at home, but the annual comprehensive rug cleaning may not yield good results when you do it yourself. For instance, rinsing and dusting your rug at home may produce mud that could get embedded in your rug base. Professional cleaning services perform thorough rinsing to totally get rid of the solid materials in your rug, making sure that the fabric does not absorb a muddy membrane.

However, if you really need to clean your rug at home, it’s probably best to talk to an expert in rug cleaning and ask for instructions on how to do it properly.

Is there a proper way of storing rugs to protect them from damage?

If you’re planning to store the rug for at least six months, put it in an indoor storage area without allowing it to touch the floor or putting heavy items on top of it. Roll a cotton or wool rug with the fibers tucked inwards, but roll it with the fibers outward if you have a silk rug. One of the best protective coverings for rugs is acid-free paper, so wrap your rug in one.


If you have more questions about taking care of your rugs, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help you in any way we can.

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