The magnificence and beauty of antique rugs cannot be denied. With their fine handmade embroidery and rich fibers, an antique rug can surely lift a dull and boring room into a majestic area.

Unfortunately, the delicate nature of antique rugs makes them more susceptible to damage. Once an antique rug has been worn, torn, or dirtied, its grandeur may be reduced to just another rug. In other words, antique rugs need to be maintained properly.

Here are some tips on keeping the pristine beauty of your antique rugs:


If you discover a spill on the rug, immediately — and I mean IMMEDIATELY — clean it up. Use a damp cloth to blot out the stain. Start from the sides of the spilled region and work your way to the center of the stain. Never scrub stains off the rug, because it will worsen the stain.

No Chemicals

Do not use chemicals to clean your rug. If you can afford it, send your stained rug to professional cleaners.

Beware of Direct Sunlight

Avoid exposing the rug to direct sunlight. If it cannot be prevented, then rotate your rug periodically (say twice a year or annually) to even out the discoloration, if any.

Shake Off the Dust

Remove dust from the rug by either sweeping the underside or shaking off the rug manually. Do this every quarter, or more frequently if your antique rug is small and light.

Protect from Furniture

If you place a piece of furniture on the rug, place furniture cups in between them. These accessories prevent the furniture from pushing too directly onto the rug, in order to prevent flattening of rug fibers.

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