Homes need a rug in the same way that rugs need a home. If you are a realtor, you should know that preparing and staging a property starts with the right tools, and a rug is definitely one of them. Rugs carry with them a sense of beauty and elegance that no other piece of furniture or upholstery can bring. That is why a luxurious residence is not complete without a rug or carpet in place.

If you are working in the real estate business but have not yet used rugs to your advantage, here are three tips that might help you get more prospective clients and improve the look of your property:

Know your rugs and floors

It may sound like the job of interior designers, but knowledge floor materials could come in handy. I’m sure you’ve encountered questions from your clients asking for your recommendations on flooring materials. If you can answer that question with confidence — whether you suggest putting a wall-to-wall carpet or recommend installing hardwood floors — that will definitely impress your prospect.

Make sure that rugs are clean prior to visits

You may hire someone to do it, but be sure to keep the rug clean. No one wants to walk into a room with a filthy rug that either smells or carries allergens that could trigger the most vicious of allergies. Use the rug as a means to attract, not to repel clients.

Choose a rug appropriate to the property

Buying a generic rug as a home decoration won’t impress high-end clients, and putting a highly exquisite Oriental rug may not catch the attention of average buyers. Make sure that you know which sector of the market is going to be interested in the real estate property, and base your rug picking decision on that. Who knows? The right buyer might get smitten by your chosen rug enough to buy the whole property!

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