If you don’t know a single thing about rugs, it would be best to consult the experts. Remember that the little knowledge you know may cost you more.

Here are common rug styling mistakes you should avoid:

Choosing your rug last

It is not wise to buy your rug after all the pieces in the room have been decided. The rug is usually the missing link that binds a room together. Many experts base their color scheme, curtains, furniture, throw pillows, and the overall interior design on the rug.

Choosing rug that’s too small

Some people choose small rugs because it equates to smaller cost. However, if you limit the size of your rug, the room may look tinier. In other words, your rug should set the limits.

Avoiding patterned rugs

Do not shy away from using patterned or printed rugs. Sometimes a cute print is all it takes to bring the magic into the room. On the flip side, imagine how a room would look if everything looks the same from wall to floor. A contrasting rug can definitely break the monotony.

Avoiding the use of rug pads

It may seem like common sense, but many people make the mistake of skipping the rug pad. What they fail to see is that it prevents slips and trips. Some resort to merely putting tape under the rug, but this technique destroys the floor’s surface in the long run. In addition, a rug pad adds cushion and comfort to the feet.

Afraid to layer rugs

It is perfectly fine to layer rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting or on another rug. This strategy can add beauty and put the pieces together in your room.

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