Summer spells fun! As the hottest of the four seasons, summer makes for the perfect time to relax under the sun. When I think about this particular time of the year, I am often reminded of picnic basket and blankets, walks in the park, getaway vacations, water sports, swimming and parties.

Of course, having fun doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the house unkempt and poorly maintained. In fact, a new season is the best time to change up the style in your home. Here is a list of awesome home design tips for this year’s summer:

Maintain your lawn automatically

How can you enjoy a summer getaway if your hands are tied up with chores such as gardening? You may want to try setting up an irrigation system right at your backyard and front yard to take care of watering the plants and grass so you can simply focus on having fun.

Keep wet clothes outside

It is a smart idea to set up outdoor pegs outside your kitchen door where you can hang and dry your towels and swimwear after a quick dip. Once these are dry, you can just shake off the sand and avoid getting your indoor rugs soiled.

Let your floors breathe

Another bright idea is to bare your floors. That way, it will be a lot easier to sweep off the sand and dirt. Just make sure that before you store your rugs, they have been cleaned and free from any moisture to avoid bug infestation.

Prepare towels

Always have extra towels ready in the linen closet you will never know when you’ll need those.

Make cleaning easier

Place laundry baskets at strategic locations where kids can place their soiled towels and clothing to keep sands at bay.

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