Websites and social media have become useful sources of great content across practically all fields of interest. One of the best kinds of online content is images, with all their vibrant colors and visual beauty.

Images have served quite well in industries that require visuals, including art and interior design. For the latter, a lot of websites offer ideas and inspirations to serve as templates for your next home improvement project. Here are some of the best online sources of inspirations for home interior design:


houzz Rugs San Diego

Considered by many as a primary source of ideas to improve your home, Houzz has been in the business long enough to host a wide cornucopia of home design topics. You may want to check Houzz’s massive image database containing ideas to implement in your own house.

Design Milk

designmilk Rugs San Diego

This blog is focused on interior design, modern architecture, and art but with a twist. Its collection of images ranging from architecture to home and decor can inspire anyone interested to spruce up their homes.


icreatived Rugs San Diego

Looking for unique centerpieces or quirky home design styles? Visit IcreativeD, a design blog that puts fun into home improvement and design. Check out the Lap Mug or the Pixeled Sofa to get an idea of how amazingly unqiue their ideas are.

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