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Shag Rugs Are Making A Comeback!

Winter is a perfect time to cozy up and enjoy the warmth of our home, don't you agree? It's the best time to relax on your favorite chair and feel the soft and comforting fibers of floor rugs with your bare feet. Did you know that shag rugs are slowly returning as a trend? These ultra-soft floor textures were famous a long time ago, so sprucing up your home floors…

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Decorating For The Holidays: Don’t Fret, Follow These Tips

Creating the perfect space to entertain during the holidays can cause people to feel a bit overwhelmed. You know extended family is coming and you’re tight for space. Don’t fret, follow these tips to create the perfect gathering space. You’ll even learn how to shop in your own home! Watch the video and read on for simple holiday decorating tips. Interior Designer, Robin Eisman, reveals four key decorating tips that…

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Don’t Buy A Rug Until You Read These Designer Tips

Interior decorating can be a challenge especially when there are so many options for floor covering. Homeowners often feel overwhelmed by the process. Afraid to make a wrong decision, they delay or rush through the selections only to discover later that they're not completely satisfied. We talked with Katie Porter and Kim Vracar from KP Design Studio for some tips that can help homeowners get the rug they like from…

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Tips For Buying Rugs

You’ve moved into your new home and now it’s time to bring in some fresh, stylish decor that ties the look and feel of your home together. This is where many homeowners get stuck. As if selecting a home isn’t a difficult enough process, buying area rugs can be like searching for the proverbial “needle in a haystack”. That’s partly because there are so many choices and the age-old question,…

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