Finding the perfect color for your home means making sure that every element, accessory or decor must be complementary to your chosen color. However, mixing and matching colors may be a daunting task, especially if you have absolutely no idea where to start.

Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered! Here are classic color combinations that you may use in injecting color to your home:

Blue and Yellow

Always a great combination not only in the house but even in fashion, blue and yellow are fantastic colors to combine. These colors are ideal for areas where fun is a must: children’s bedroom, play room, or entertainment center. The kitchen may also be a great place to experiment with these colors. You may start by painting your walls yellow and accessorizing the room with blue hues.

Green and White

To be honest, white goes with any color so you really won’t go wrong. One of the best colors to use in your home is green, which evokes a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Looking at green and white colors in your home injects a zen-like environment. Green is also a color that is comfortable to the eyes.

Brown and Black

Black is a very choosy color, but its richness and mystery should be reason enough to use it in some areas of the house. Brown works best with black, as this combination appears either relaxing or elegant. You may use the following combinations with these colors: black furniture on brown hardwood floors, brown rugs on black granite surfaces, or brown walls with touches of black on the decorations.

Brick Red and Gray

This combo works best on as exterior colors, but you may also use them inside the house. Gray and brick red work best on rooms that invite easy socializing, such as in living rooms or fireplaces. You may also work these colors on the kitchen to give it an Italian or European vibe.

Striking and Dormant Colors

You’ve probably witnessed the impact of a bright red door amidst white walls. Combining any strong color with a dull one can perk up the style in your home, but make sure not to overdo it. For instance, a lime green sofa can pop out of a gray-colored room and give that extra oomph in the environment. The best way to combine these types of colors is to choose only one striking color. Do not be tempted to use rainbow colors to accessorize your house, unless you’re Santa Claus or a fairy princess!

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