This month marks the commencement exercises of several colleges and universities in the U.S., and naturally all graduates are looking towards their future. It’s entertaining to know that some graduates are starting to understand the value of investment and applying them into even the smallest aspects of life.

Investing on rugs, anyone? For a college graduate, buying your first rug could mark a milestone in your life.

Here is a video that features three graduates from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) hunting not for jobs, but for rugs! If you are set to graduate this year yourself, this feature might help you understand the importance of buying rugs instead of spending them in other luxuries.

The following is the transcript of the above video:

Jillian Welch:

I’m JillianWelch, I graduated from UCSD in Math.

Monica Pearce:

I’m Monica Pearce and I graduated from UCSD with an Urban Planning major.

Megan Richford:

I’m Megan Richford, I graduated from UCSD in Communications.

Phoebe Chongchua:

These recent grads are on the hunt not necessarily for jobs but home décor. They’re moving in together to keep their individual expenses down and collaborating to have the kind of home they want.


Definitely people our age are more focused on clothes but now that a lot of us are working fulltime you only need certain clothes during the week so maybe we can start focusing now on our home and actually decorating it.


We really going to decorating our house, we really want to add color into the mix with our neutral furniture, we really like like colors that are bright that pop out.


Home furnishing stores are attractive to college students who are looking to invest in everything from small appliances to home décor.  According to Transworld Business 16.4% of back to college shoppers will head to a home furnishings or home décor store, that’s up from 11.2% last year.


I’m tired, let’s go looking for that rug we are talking about earlier.

JW and MR:



We’re only going to spend about $300 maximum.

Steve Blumkin:

Welcome to Outrageous Rugs.


They came to Outrageous Rugs to see if their price point will get them what they want.


I could sleep on this.


You know I think this is probably one of your first rugs of many throughout your lifetime and it’s kind of good to know there’s so many different products out in the market.


Rugs are an investment piece when you’re with home décor, it’s not something you can just throw away.


My parents have a few rugs in their house but they’re pretty antique looking but I’ve always admired them but I always say it was out of my budget.


You know it’s really interesting these rugs are actually reproduction of beautiful hand-made antique rugs and that’s like just a gorgeous rug that will work with most décor. Pretty much you can choose any of these and there and that 250 range or less.


We found that we can find a rug that fits our budget and looks great and looks like its worth a lot more.


They are definitely going to get the rug fever and I believe we’re going to have customers for life.


Visit Outrageous Rugs on Miramar Road or online at  I’m Phoebe Chongchua for Live Fit Magazine.

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