Rugs instantly add elegance to a living room or an office, and most of them give life to a particular space by using colors. However, have you stopped to think about the possibility that dark colors on a rug could invade the lighter ones?

Aside from knowing the checklist on proper rug care, you should also become familiar with the common reasons behind rug dye bleeding.

  • Pet residue or stains – No matter how cute or huggable they may be, your pet’s pee may cause rug dye bleeding. Pet-related stains – especially acidic urine – create permanent dye if not properly cleaned.
  • Liquid spill – Coffee breaks are common in office meetings, but accidental spills on the rug will definitely cause problems in your rug’s colors.
  • Improper cleaning solutions – Using over-dyed applications, excessive dye stabilizing solutions and even the wrong shampoo may put your rug in a higher risk of dye bleeding.
  • Defective dyeing method – There may be chances of poor selection of dye during the creation of the rug. Some techniques involve adding colors to rugs after weaving, which increases the risk of leaching the rug dye out.
  • Unreliable self-cleaning method – First timers who wash rugs on their own often lack the proper skills in handling rugs. For example, exposing rugs to extremely high temperature may cause mix up of colors and destruction of rug patterns.

Rug dye bleeding can be prevented with proper care and cleaning. Seeking professional services is probably a good idea, rather than doing the dirty work on your own and leaving your precious rugs to get discolored in the process.

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