Contrary to popular belief, rugs and carpets do not cause asthma attacks and allergies. In fact, these home additions can even improve the quality of air inside the house by trapping dust and airborne allergens and keeping them away from the people inside.

However, what sets allergies aflutter is the failure to clean rugs and carpets. That’s why the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) encourages rug owners to regularly clean their rugs in order to reduce the risk of asthma and allergies. “If you’re committed to improving indoor air quality in your home, choosing carpet and choosing to clean it is the best way to accomplish this,” according to this CRI web page.

The organization recommends a regular and routine schedule for vacuuming rugs. According to CRI, “90 to 95% of all dry soil by weight can be removed from carpet by following a routine vacuuming schedule.”

Rugs and carpets must also be sent to professional service providers for deep cleaning, at least once a year.

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