You’ve scoured all possible rug dealers in the vicinity for the perfect rug to put in your room, but you can’t seem to find it. Some people find it really difficult and painstaking to look for the right rug that matches the room and their personalities, unless you travel around the globe to conduct a comprehensive search.

For this scenario, it might be best to order a custom-made rug. Having a rug custom-made for you will definitely capture the elements that you want your rug to look. Although a custom rug may cost you more, in the end it will provide you with the exact details that you desire.

If you’re planning to have a rug customized according to your liking, here are the important things that you need to provide the rug maker:


You need to measure the space where you’re going to put the rug. Send the width and length to the rug maker, along with the desired thickness.


Not all rugs are created rectangular, so you can play around different shapes. What’s good with custom rugs is that there are no limitations when it comes to shape. Just make sure that the shape is in tune with the other elements of your room.


Match the rug color with your room motif. Although rug makers might not apply dyes on natural rugs, you may ask them if you really want a splash of color.


Once the rug weaving is complete, you have options on how to bind the rug edges. You may have them fringed or bordered with another fabric type.


Finally, when everything is said and done, creating the rug involves money. Tell the rug maker your budget for the rug, so that they can recommend alternatives in case your preferences exceed the budget.


If you need a custom rug, we at Outrageous Rugs can help you. Drop us a note, and let’s discuss the rug of your dreams.

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