Creating the perfect space to entertain during the holidays can cause people to feel a bit overwhelmed. You know extended family is coming and you’re tight for space. Don’t fret, follow these tips to create the perfect gathering space. You’ll even learn how to shop in your own home!

Watch the video and read on for simple holiday decorating tips.

Interior Designer, Robin Eisman, reveals four key decorating tips that simplify and create magnificent style without having to make major changes.

Design Tip 1: Declutter. Think Simple. Elegant. The problem is that when the holidays roll around, homeowners often start dragging out all their holiday decor that they have amassed over the decades. Then in the home that’s already nearly overflowing, they attempt to place the holiday trimmings. Unfortunately, the scene quickly turns dreary because too much stuff makes the house feel cluttered.

Instead, aim to subtract–remove items from a room that you’re about ready to decorate. You don’t have to give them away; just store them until after the holidays. Maybe there’s a plant that’s not doing so well and is past its best season. Take it out and store the pot for the next planting season. Clear books from shelves, making room for your holiday items. Pull a few pictures or artwork off the wall and hang your favorite Christmas image instead.

Do the normal decluttering, get rid of unnecessary cords and cables, stacks of magazines and papers. Pillows can be exchanged for some seasonal ones. Once, you’ve decluttered, you can begin to decorate.

Design Tip 2: Shop in your own home. Yes, you can and you won’t even be charged sales tax! Eisman says you can browse various rooms in your home to find artwork, pillows, even furniture that can be moved to another room to create a fresh, new, and special holiday look. Use your imagination or the help of an interior decorator like Esiman to help you spot the items to move. You’ll be amazed with the results. Eisman did this recently for one of her clients.

“All of a sudden this great room has a whole new pop to it. Instead of having to purchase items for a whole new room, all we needed were a new rug for the dining room, a new love seat in a different color for the family room and the whole room is pulled together,” says Eisman.

Design Tip 3: Prioritize your rug purchase. When shopping for rugs, you’ll run across many different types and prices. Eisman says consider where you’re placing the rug before you buy it. For instance, if you want a holiday rug for the kitchen, be sure to get one that you love but also is highly durable. The kitchen is usually a high-traffic area and while you want a rug that looks great, you might not want it to cost as much as the rug you’ll buy for your family room.

“You may decide that you want to spend more on a rug that is going into a room that you enjoy on a daily basis like the family room,” says Eisman. This rug will likely be with you a long time. So you’ll want it to be timeless. For a kitchen area, Eisman recommends a rug that if coffee or lasagna is spilled on it, it’ll clean up well and won’t send you into a panic attack because of the price you paid for it.

Design Tip 4: Layer your rugs. When you layer rugs you have multiple uses. Eisman says you can decide to use one of the rugs in another area or use them on top of each other for a colorful, textured look. When you move one rug to another room, you’ll instantly have a whole new look!

Happy Holidays from the folks at Outrageous Rugs!

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