If you are working at home or at time bringing your work documents to your house, then you need to reserve some space for a home office. It is important to separate work from family space even at home, because you don’t want your work-related stuff to clutter your pristine and relaxing home setup.

The home office should not only be an organized area for your office things, but also a place that is conducive for thinking and working. Here are some tips on how to set up and design your home office:


Find a suitable location. Your home office must be away from foot traffic inside the house, but should be relaxing. Look for a space with a window but slightly hidden from the usual flow of people.

Extension of Your Workplace

Set it up like it was an extension of your real office. Buy a sturdy table, a comfortable and ergonomically designed chair, and shelves for your documents. If you want it more relaxed, you can go Google-style and use beanbags to sit on.

Make it You

Adorn it with patterns and colors that you like.

Decorate it with things that remind you of home. It’s your personal work space at home, so try to make it as comfy as you can. You may place a rug, hang pictures of your family, or accentuate your table with personal trinkets.

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