Are you one of those who simply want to stick to using either white or neutral colors to paint your home and base the house’s decoration from it? White can be a good choice most especially if you live in a small house and you would want to give an illusion of a bigger house. However, there are so many shades of colors that you can choose from. Why get stuck with a boring palette of colors?

When you decide on adding color into your decoration, choose the color that you think perfectly fits to a theme that you have in mind as well as the kind of room that you want to add color to. From there, choose a complimentary color to add depth to your chosen color. And finally, choose an accent color that would give that cohesive look to your over-all design.

Let’s say you have a room using an earth tone color. It could look stunning to have some color pop out of that neutral shade. Aside from showcasing your collection of favorite things, a good addition would be an area rug either with an outstanding color or a rug with an exquisite pattern. The rug color of choice should give that distinctive look for the design of your room and may just become the focal point of the room.

You can be playful with your color choices but be sure that when you choose a certain tone, like using bright colors, just concentrate on one room and let the other rooms have a different shade. You can actually start by focusing on the rug color, then from there choose colors that would perfectly blend with the rest of the design.

When you add color to your home, you liven up the vibe inside and give it a welcoming feeling to your guests.

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