Decorating your room with an area rug is not as easy as it sounds. Many factors can enhance or destroy the beauty of a rug when it is placed inside a particular room, and these can diminish the value of your newly purchased area rug.

Before you set out to look for the area rug of your choice, you need to know these do’s and dont’s of styling a room using area rugs.

DON’T use a teeny-weeny rug in a room meant for seating.

If you place a very small rug inside your living room just enough to fit a coffee table, you’re missing out on the essence of a rug’s beauty.

DO use the rug to unify the contents of a room.

The best way to use an area rug is to allow the front legs of your furniture sit on the rug. This includes the sofa, coffee table and side tables. It makes every piece of furniture belong to the room.

DON’T put furniture on top of the rug’s exquisite embroidery.

Custom rugs and patterned area rugs usually have intricate designs, but some homeowners tend to hide these things under big furniture. That’s a shame, really.

DO match your rug with existing large furniture.

It’s good practice to buy a rug with the same color scheme as the other items in your room. Otherwise, your area rug is going to stand out like a sore thumb.

DON’T let hardwood floors stay bare.

Wood may look good at the office, but it looks dull and boring in your living room. Put a homey feel to your hous by putting a woolly rug.

DO choose flat area rugs for dining and kitchen areas.

Spills are very common in eating and cooking places, so putting a shag or wool rug will definitely leave a mark. Use flatter rug styles such as kilim or dhurrie rugs to make it easier to clean.

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