After picking out the most attractive and luxurious rug and placing it as a centerpiece in one of your rooms, the next thing that you should think about is rug maintenance. It’s easy to neglect your rugs and carpets once you’ve used them, because they’re just laying on the floor and sometimes being stepped on.

If you want to maintain the beauty of your rug, you have to consider sending your rug or carpet to a reputable cleaner. While it’s cheaper to clean your rugs yourself, incorrect cleaning procedures might destroy your rug instead of preserving them. As a result, you’ll pay more just because you wanted to save a few bucks on professional rug cleaning.

We at Outrageous Rugs are on the lookout for the best rug and carpet cleaners in San Diego. You can check Yelp for other rug cleaning service providers, making sure to check the reviews and the legitimacy of these reviews.

I have listed two professional cleaning service companies in the San Diego area that have garnered 5-star reviews on Yelp. We are merely sharing this information as we find them on Yelp, and are not in any way vouching for the companies.

SoCal Steam Clean
Review from Pretesh M.: “This company does top notch work with professionalism. When other highly rated cleaners in town turned me down due to the layout of house and small amount of carpet, SoCal Steam Cleaning gave me a better quote and got the job done. Joe showed up early, inspected to cleaning area, did all the setup and cleaning very quickly. He was great to work with and took care of my house while performing the work. Will be looking to them as future cleaning is needed. Glad to see honest, fair, and professional people taking care of customer.”

Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning
Review from Laura H.: “I was happy with the ease of the online/phone appointment process and the technicians called me to let me know they were on their way. A team of two arrived (Kenny and I believe Israel…hope that’s right) and were friendly and helpful throughout the process. Last time I had to move all my own furniture, but they actually stopped me from moving things and said they would take care of everything. I was surprised when they even started moving my large couch — it was a very thorough cleaning job! I would recommend them and use them again. In fact I regret not scheduling a tile/grout cleaning while I was at it.”

If you know of other cleaners within the vicinity, please drop us a note through the comments below.

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