Want to kick start your creative side? How about putting your rugs to use other than your floors?

Yes, you read that right. As beautiful as rugs are on the floors inside your house, you can use them in areas where you don’t usually put them. Here are five other possible areas where you can put your rugs:


Rectangular rugs look like framed pieces of art, so why not hang them on a wall? Rugs placed on walls give an instant boost to an otherwise boring room. They’re best placed behind seating furniture or above the fireplace.


Accent your bed by using a rug as a headboard. The rug will be able to inject instant excitement to your sleeping quarters.


Use rugs on top of a long dining table to give it a luxurious look. Runner rugs also work best in side tables. Allow the rug to overflow from the sides of the table.


Just like the wall, putting a rug on the door is a great decor. Rugs can also act as sound absorbers, which can improve the acoustics inside the room.

Bed For Pets

Talk about pet luxury! You can make a pet bed made of rug material to give them style and comfort.


Although rugs are designed for the floor, it probably won’t hurt your home style too much if you add a dash of creativity in styling your house.

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