Single men rarely have time to tidy up their homes, unless you’re a neat freak (or simply a diamond in the rough!). However, it’s really a good investment of time to style up the home especially when you’re expecting company.

Despite its seemingly no-care vibe, a bachelor pad needs to be cleaned, styled and decorated well — even if you’re the only one living in it. Let these five tips help you get started on amping up the style factor in your bachelor pad and impress your visitors.

1. Break away from the typical male color palette.

You might be inclined to use red-black combinations or even the more boring black-white ensemble. Don’t be afraid to use grays, browns, and even metallic finishes. This goes for bedsheets, towels, and other fabrics in your house.

2. Minimize sports-themed or rock-inspired decorations

Don’t be tempted to broadcast your machismo through your home decors. In other words, hide your framed sports jerseys and rock concert posters! Be more creative in showing off your masculinity without going overboard.

3. Invest in a bookshelf

Reading has evolved from geeky to sexy. Even though you don’t read too often, putting up a shelf full of books will definitely impress your home visitors.

4. Install a good sound system

Music sets the mood in many ways, but it’s not going to be effective if you’re using computer speakers. Buy a good quality sound system with crisp-sounding speakers.

5. Place an area rug

The rug is one of the most underrated home accessories, and it’s really an effective way of creating unity for all of the pieces in your home. Besides, rugs feel soft to the feet, making your date extra-comfy when they stay inside your pad.

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