The living room is one of the most visited areas in a house, but many people misunderstand how it should be used. Some people use it to host gaterings and group discussions, others use it for playing or working at home, while some merely consider it a placeholder with no intended purpose.

As its name implies, the living room should be a life-giving space to the people living in it. Unfortunately, the style and decoration of this room may give a more negative vibe to the homeowners.

Check out these five biggest and most common home design and style errors in the living room.

Heavy drapes and tapestries

Thick and heavy materials bring down the life in the living room. Examples include a heavy set of curtains or a thick and dreary area rug.

No rugs

The opposite extreme of having the wrong rug in the room is to have no rug at all. Find the best rug for your home in order to balance comfort and style in the room.

Space-hogging TV

The television may be one of the most important elements of the living room, but it doesn’t have to take up too much space. Your best option is to mount them on a blank wall, or let it rest on a surface near a vacant wall.

Lack of color variations

Using white and brown in the living room is easy, but it’s also easily boring. Bring out brighter colors in your decors, and don’t be afraid to mix and match colors.

Wrong furniture size and placement

Chunky furniture that doesn’t have a specific purpose except for boasting shouldn’t have any space in the living room. Choose slim-type furniture, and place them away from walls in order to create a larger space.


Are you committing any (or all) of these living room design mistakes. Now is the best time to change them!

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