By now, you should already have a sense as to how the year 2016 is going to treat you. Of course, you can always do something to freshen up the start of the year, and what better way to do it than to do a home makeover!

If you are planning to redecorate your home or simply change the look of your interior design, here are five fresh styling ideas to get you started:

Make a coffee table out of an old tall table

Whether it’s an old side table that you own or any tall table at the flea market, you can convert an old table into a fresh coffee table for your living room. Simply cut the legs to keep the table level low. You don’t even have to apply fresh paint, because the rustic look of an old table can already do wonders to the style in the room.

Use mirrors as poetry palettes

If you like the look of lipstick-written words on mirrors, then you will probably love a mirror with poetry or song lyrics written on it. Write words on the mirror using a whiteboard marker, but make sure that the writings can be erased easily.

Apply a fresh coat of paint on old furniture

Aside from changing the wall colors, you can opt to paint on smaller things in the room instead. For starters, you can apply a new paint color on furniture, say an old lamp or a large vase. You may use a paint brush for smooth surfaces, or spray paint for furniture with busy contours.

Decorate your bed’s headboard

Go all out crazy in your bedroom by decorating the headboard of your bed. You can use all kinds of stuff on the headboard, but you might want to use practical items such as an old blanket or an exquisite rug.

Hang a rug on the wall

Yes, you can use rugs apart from decorating the floor. Why not hang it on a blank wall, like you would hang an art piece? The soft rug fabric will also bring a sense of comfort into the room. (Check out our earlier feature on where to put rugs other than the floor.)

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