Summer is about to shine on us! Naturally, this new season should be a good time to reinvent your home style for the coming of the sunny weather. I’m sure you enjoyed decorating your home through spring, but summer should get you more pumped up to invite something new to your home, don’t you think?

Here are five hot ideas to style up your home during the summer months:

Open your home to natural light

Summer is the best season to enjoy the sun, so why hide your rooms from the energy? Open up your curtains and remove bulky furniture that cover up natural light.

Remove the bulky, use the light and breezy

Store up your dark and heavy rugs, and take out thinner and more earthy rugs instead. If you can change your heavy furniture to something built from light materials, then that can significantly improve the lightness of the room. Remember that summer is time for fun and energy, not for thick and cozy stuff.

Opt for natural decorations

Nature is a very good source of home decorations, if you haven’t noticed. A beautiful bouquet of flowers will always be more beautiful than even the most expensive chandelier. Plants inside your home don’t need too much time to maintain, and they’re great reminders of the wonderful season.

Spruce up your porch and yard

Enjoy more of the sunlight by using your porch and front yard more frequently. That means tidying up these areas and decorating them with seating and tables.

Use fabrics with exciting colors

Much like how spring is the season of blooms, summer should remind you of exploding colors. Use this concept on your fabrics — curtains, bedsheets, rugs and carpets, and table runners. Let colors be the focal point of a room instead of complex furniture. The vibrant colors will also work best if you keep your walls and other decors in a neutral hue.

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