A new year provides the perfect opportunity to start fresh. The Christmas celebration and New Year parties have all come to pass, and it’s time to greet 2015 with a clean slate.

Let us all hope for the best in 2015 by starting new inside our home. Here are five tips to prepare your home for the new year:

Clean up after the holidays

If you want to feel refreshed at the turn of the year, you should start by cleaning your house. Store your holiday decors and take out any clutter from the Christmas and New Year parties in your house. Make sure to clean your rugs to remove trapped debris.

Open up a workout area

You may have eaten more than you usually do during the holidays. Why not clear up an area inside your house to do your exercise? You can place yoga mats or an exercise ball in the open space so that you can start the year fit and fabulous.

Do a kitchen makeover

The kitchen is probably the most abused area of your home during the holidays, next to the living room. Give it a quick cleanup and adorn it with flowers and plants. You can even clear out your pantry and replace the contents with healthier alternatives.

Set goals for home improvement

The start of the year is always a good time to reflect on your goals. Be sure to include home improvement in your targets for the year, may it be as simple as changing the wallpaper or as grand as putting up a new room.

Monitor your home for post-winter damages

Winter is a harsh season for your house, so it might be best to roam around the home to check for any damages. This may include roofing structures that may have been cracked by fallen tree branches or damaged areas due to the extremely cold weather.

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