The Day of Hearts is literally days away, and I’m sure many of you are already prettifying your home in tune for the romantic occasion. We at Outrageous Rugs recently featured some tips on turning your home into a romantic haven just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you want more, then we’ve got more. Check out these additional home styling tips for Valentine’s Day:

Inject romance in your bedroom

Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to show your love to your partner, and the bedroom is probably the best place to share the love. You can decorate the bedside table with champagne glasses or elegant candle holders, or put some romance on the floor with a sheepskin rug. Don’t forget to place heart-printed sheets and pink throw pillows on the bed.

Put chocolates on the coffee table

Decadent confections easily remind you of Valentine’s Day, so it’s good to put some bite-sized chocolates in a bowl and put it on the center of the coffee table.

Change your dinner glassware to something sexier

You can start by trading your regular drinking glasses to elegant wine tumblers, or your silverware to something gold. Sexifying your dining room can instantly jack up the romantic mood while enjoying your Valentine dinner.

Switch to dimmer lights to set the mood

Just for this week, hide those glaringly bright fluorescent lights and trade them for much more romantic yellow lights. If you can install a chandelier, that would be so much better.

Place furry rugs

Furry or shag rugs will make you feel at home immediately, which is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day with your date in your house. The feeling of comfort on these rugs may give you and your partner possibly the best Valentine’s Day ever.

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