The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to spruce up. It’s probably because most people won’t care how the bathroom looks as long as they can get their “business” done. Usually, bathrooms are styled using flower pieces, mirrors, and proper lighting.

However, if you’re looking for new ways to style your bathroom, here are five easy tips can definitely help you. You might be surprised to discover that not only are these tips easy to follow, but they are so effective in capturing a new angle for your bathroom.

1. Put a colorful geometric rug

Bathrooms are usually decorated with tiles and rigid patterns. Put some much-needed accent without destroying the geometry of the room by placing a rug with geometric shapes. Try to pick a rug with a repeating pattern of geometric shapes — squares, hexagons, or circles — but with dashes of color.

2. Change the tiles to something non-rectangular

If you have the time and the budget, change your boring, square bathroom tiles with hexagonal or curvy tiles. The drama brought by non-rectangular shapes can instantly liven up your bathing space.

3. Place a wooden piece of furniture

Putting something wooden inside a ceramic-lined bathroom brings nature into the scene. You can use wooden trays for your hand towels, or perhaps change your metal-framed mirror to something made of wood.

4. Paint your walls with a vibrant color

You don’t need to stick to age-old bathroom colors of white or blue. Now is the time to experiment! Change your bathroom wall paint to something livelier — perhaps a sunny yellow or a hot orange.

5. Personalize your bathroom

Many people consider thee bathroom as their personal, private space. Why not make it your own, by personalizing the room? You can start by hanging your family pictures, putting up a shelf of your favorite books, or write your favorite quotes on the bathroom walls.

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