The saying “Christmas is just around the corner” is really true now, because the holiday season is here! Have you started decorating your house to welcome the Christmas spirit? If not, then you’re in luck because we’re featuring five quick styling tips for your home in preparation for the holidays.

Use the color green

This color isn’t commonly used in styling options for normal occasions, and it’s somehow difficult to pair things up with green. However, Christmas is the perfect time to take out your green rugs, wallpaper, figurines, plates and other home accessories. Don’t forget the Christmas tree!

Go all out in your Christmas tree

Speaking of the tree, you can never go overboard with decorating your tree. One of the best tips to make tree decorating easier is to choose a theme for this year’s Christmas, and hang decorations in line with the theme. If you’re going for gold, add tree decors that are gold in color.

Mix candles and plants together

Candles remind people of Christmas, so better adorn your counters with some candles. One great tip is to insert a candle in a potted plant. Just make sure that the candle doesn’t burn up to reach the plants because you don’t want to catch a fire!

Light up your home

Adorn the house exterior with Christmas lights so that your home will look festive at night.

Let your arts and crafts skills explode

Nothing’s too corny for Christmas, so go ahead and make your own decors in whichever style you like. This is a season that just comes and goes, so nothing should hinder you from tapping into your creative juices and do arts & crafts projects in a holiday theme.

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