Not everyone enjoys cleaning house, but what makes matters worse is when children run around the home and create so much clutter. A homeowner can only handle so much stress for one day!

However, if you aren’t too particular with making every corner of your house spic and span, here are five ways where you can start cleaning up even in the midst of kids running around your house:

1. Start by sweeping

It may not look much, but sweeping regularly can remove loose dirt and particulates that could otherwise become permanent marks on your flooring. The mere act of sweeping is also therapeutic for some people, as if they’ve already cleaned the entire house!

2. Pick up visible clutter

A bundle of clutter inside the house could start with just a single piece of cloth on the floor. But if you don’t make the effort of picking it up and placing it in its proper place, you might end up having a mountain of clutter to handle in the long run. You can also make it an activity for your kids to pick up things and place them in their designated storage locations.

3. Avoid giving your kids crumbly food

Especially if you have a rug on the floor, it might not be a good idea to serve your children food that crumbles quickly — bread, cookies, granola bars and such. There are many other types of food that are equally satisfying without leaving you vacuuming endlessly after every meal.

4. Prepare bins for kid stuff

Children want to find their things easily, but you can also teach them to clean up their toys after playing with them by leading them to properly labeled storage bins or baskets.

5. Let your kids help

This part depends on how you can convince them to do your bidding… er, your request. Make cleaning up as fun as possible for them! Kids have so much energy in them, so let them express it by helping them realize the importance of cleaning the house.

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