Winter is coming, and many people are eager to welcome the holidays while enjoying the company of family and friends on a snowy day.

However, apart from harsh weather conditions and the need to shovel your front walkway every now and then, the cold season also brings a more somber mood to some people. This is the reason why many homeowners change the style of their homes for winter in order to make things more festive and alive during the cold and seemingly depressing season.

Prepare for the cold winter months by making your home as cozy as possible through the following ways:

Do things near the fireplace

If you have the luxury of owning a fireplace, use this natural heater to light up the mood. You can pull your favorite seating near the fireplace, or even arrange for your dining table to be at a short distance from this heat source.

Arrange a room for group activities

Whether it’s a game room or a photo display area, reserving a portion of the house for group-focused activities can instantly turn the house into a warm place. The natural energy that comes from interaction with people can fire up even the iciest of hearts.

Use more rugs

Bare floors tend to be cold to the touch during winter, and so putting a rug on top of a bare surface can immediately warm up the space. Sometimes, even the mere design of a rug can already make things a lot cozier. You can put rugs even in places that you don’t normally do, say the bathroom.

Place folded blankets on the living room

Nothing says “cozy” better than blankets. The mere sight of folded blankets can already make you feel relaxed and at home. You may drape a blanket over the back of a sofa, or prepare a basket where you can put the folded blankets.

Use warm lights

The type of light that you use can create warmth by itself. For instance, you can replace your white LED lights with warmer yellow light bulbs, or install dimmers to create an illusion of a smaller and cozier space.

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