Did you know that the color of a room can influence your emotions? Many establishments have tried the approach of using colors to dictate the mood and disposition of their clients. For example, most spa treatment centers are adorned with green interiors to make their clients feel relaxed.

The same holds true for rug colors. Choosing a particular color for your rug should be dependent not only on the style that you want your room to exude, but also on the purpose of the room. Let me share with you some basic rug colors, and how they can set the mood. Some of the identified effects were based on psychological studies and actual experiences by store owners.


Effects: faster breathing, elevated blood pressure, increases excitement and appetite
Perfect for: restaurants, dining room, living room


Effects: generates happiness, feeling of a wider space, feeling of being welcomed
Perfect for: living room, bathroom, narrow hallways


Effects: feeling of being one with nature, improved relaxation, easy on the eyes
Perfect for: spa or massage center, meditation room, library


Effects: calmness, increased relaxation, lower blood pressure and heart rate
Perfect for: bedroom, meditation area, child’s playroom


Effects: feeling of warmth and comfort, might evoke sadness, stimulates conversation
Perfect for: family room, living room, foyer, classrooms

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