Rugs and carpets are beautiful accessories to any home, but they are also known to be dust and allergen magnets. If not cleaned properly, you may be risking your family to asthma attacks and other serious health issues.

If you want to minimize the risk of allergies inside your house, here are five basic tips to make sure that your house is allergen-free:

1. Don’t use rugs that attract dust and pollen, such as wool rugs or shag rugs. There are other less-woolly rug surfaces that you can choose. You may also opt for smaller rugs that are easy to clean and wash.

2. Open windows less frequently so as not to allow pollen to enter your home. Turn up air conditioning, and use an air cleaner with a built-in HEPA filter to take away some of the allergens suspended in the air.

3. Clean, clean, clean. Vacuum your rugs and wipe off dust from home surfaces. And remember to wear a face mask to prevent you from inhaling the dust.

4. Avoid letting humidity inside your home, because a damp atmosphere invites dust mites.

5. Consider changing your linen covers with allergen-proof material. You can start with covers for your pillows and mattress.

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