Styling your house involves a great deal of creativity, but it might become too much of a burden if your creative juices aren’t flowing. How can you choose the right rug color, the appropriate centerpiece for the living room, or the perfect style of curtains for your bedroom if you are not creative?

Fueling creativity can start from the most basic of activities, some of which you can do within the privacy of your own home. Before you make the mistake of buying decorations only to find out later that they don’t look great in your house, check out these five tips that will boost your creative side.

Write using your hand

It sounds simple, but using your handwriting to jot down notes can already jumpstart your creativity. You may put a whiteboard on a blank kitchen wall to write notes and reminders. You can even decorate the board to make it a centerpiece.

Paint your walls green or blue

These two colors are known to enhance brain functioning — blue reminds you of the openness and vastness of the ocean, while green reminds you of growth and cultivation. You may start by using sky blue or dull green paint color on your walls, and give yourself time to stare at these colors to bring new ideas to light.

Spend more time outside the house

You can sit by your front porch or walk on your lawn. Whatever you do outside, be assured that this new and more open atmosphere can expand your mind to welcome more ideas.

Use a memorabilia wall or treasure chest

Think of it as a variation of the scrapbook or mood board, which you can look at to get ideas from the past. Remember that you can reuse past styles for your home, so you don’t have to look for something each and every time.

Reserve a creativity room in your home

Ultimately, one of the best ways to promote creativity is to dedicate a particular space in your house where you can think. A good creativity room contains items that can boost your mind, such as calendar planners, hobby-related objects, or reminders of your favorite things.

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