Rugs have earned the reputation of giving homes and offices a much more elegant look. The beauty and sophistication that rugs bring to a space has prompted many people to rely on these exquisite works of art to amp up the style of any room.

Apart from visual aesthetics, rugs also brings so much more. Here are some of the advantages of rugs that will make skeptics turn over a new leaf and head on to the nearest rug retail shop:

Rugs provide comfort

After a stressful day or during a chilly evening, it’s nice to put your feet on a woolly or shag rug. Most rugs are soft and warm, thereby giving you much needed comfort and insulation.

Rugs improve air quality

In a recent article, we mentioned the benefits of rugs and carpets in terms of cleaning the indoor air. Rugs are not the cause of asthma and allergy attacks, but rather the failure to clean them. Rugs can trap airborne allergens and remove them from the breathable space in your home.

Rugs are easy to maintain

Compared with hard floors, rugs are much easier to clean. You can do regular vacuuming or send them to professional rug cleaning stores to bring them back to life. Damaged flooring, on the other hand, will take much time and money to repair.

Rugs prevent accidents

Have you ever experienced slipping due to a wet floor? Slips and falls are minimal (if any) when you place a rug on the floor. Most rugs are built with secure matting to prevent it from slipping and sliding off the floor. Rugs can also cushion your footsteps to reduce impact on your leg joints.


I hope these four points will encourage you to get a rug for your home. We at Outrageous Rugs can answer your questions about rugs anytime, so just give us a call or drop us an email.

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