If you think buying a rug eases all of your problems, think again! Especially if you’ve just bought an expensive and antique rug, taking care of your new tapestry will ensure the durability of the rug.

Unfortunately, we really cannot control everything in our surroundings, and accidents are bound to happen. Rugs can only take so much battering and bruising, and so you have to try and avoid the following things from damaging your choice rug:


The material of most rugs makes it conducive for moths to lay eggs. When these eggs hatch, the moth larvae will eat up your rug fibers, leaving bald spots on the rug nap.

Color bleeds

Incorrect cleaning methods — especially wet cleaning — can severely damage your rug. One of the worst-hit areas in wet cleaning is the dyed portions, because it’s possible that the colors will bleed through the light-colored portions.

Curled edges

Some rugs may be knotted too tightly, to the point that its edges will curl up. If you don’t observe this detail, this curled-up situation may worsen, thereby leading to further damage (worse, your rug might get torn).

Potted plants

Putting a potted plant on top of your rug is inviting disaster! If your pot has holes, the water may seep through the rug. This creates a damp environment attractive to microbes that will eat up your rug fibers.


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