Changing the style of your home doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to shell out too much. In fact, some of the fastest and easiest styling tips involve almost no cost at all.

The same is true if you want to freshen up your home. Of course, you can always go ahead and improve the landscaping outside or apply fresh paint on the walls of your house. However, if you are pressed for time or you just want to refresh the room up a notch, here are five quick remedies to make your house fresher:

1. Put a vase with a cut flower or plant inside the room

Nothing beats putting a live plant inside the house to boost the freshness factor. You can cut a small branch off a shrub or tree in your backyard and put it in a vase. A flower can also do the trick, but make sure to include the leaves.

2. Put a throw pillow on your sofa

A loose item such as a throw pillow can liven up the living room sofa. The pillow somehow tells you or your visitor that the room is comfortable. All you need to do is grab the pillow and hug it as you lounge on the sofa. Isn’t that relaxing and refreshing?

3. Add folded white towels inside the toilet

Cleanliness can amp up the freshness of any room, and no other color is cleaner than white. Putting folded white towels inside your toilet not only sends the message that the room is clean, but it also reminds you of a hotel or spa.

4. Decorate or put things on the coffee table

A huge chunk of dull-colored furniture may mess up the freshness of the room, and tables are guilty of these. Make the coffee table busy, for example, by putting books or a potted plant on top of it. The stuff on the table creates a mood that says the room is not boring.

5. Change table decors often

Speaking of tables, a quick way to freshen up a room is by changing the table decors as frequently as possible. Make it a point to change up the tablecloth at least twice a month. You can also change the vase or decorative bowl on a weekly basis.

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