Outrageous Rugs is pleased to announce that interior designer Faye Fentin will be at the store on Feb. 6 to assist customers with their rug buying decisions by offering a free design consultation to them. 

Fentin, who is Director of Membership at the American Society of Interior Designers, has over 25 years of design experience and will be sharing her design expertise with customers from 11 am – 2 pm on Feb. 6.

The San Diego-based designer says she always chooses the area rug last for a room.

“To me, the area rug is the frosting on the cake, the diamond in the room,” Fentin said. “It’s always the last thing I bring in because it pulls everything in the room together and adds personality to the room.”

However, many rug buyers are not sure about what colors they should be looking for in a rug, what size of rug would fit a particular room and how a rug’s design will affect the look and feel of a room.

That’s where Fentin comes in. 

Faye-Fentin-150x150 Rugs San Diego

Interior Designer Faye Fentin

She will be answering customers’ questions and giving them advice about what rug to buy, essentially providing free design consultation for customers for the three hours she’s at Outrageous Rugs.

To make it easier for both customers and Fentin, the designer recommends they bring items that will help her visualize the room they are decorating.

“It would be helpful if they bring in a material color or a paint color and also provide me with the size of the room,” she said.

If Outrageous Rugs customers don’t bring any materials in, she’ll still be able to help them, Fenin said, but the more she knows about the room people are buying the rug for, the more help she’ll be able to offer.

Fentin said she’s been working with Outrageous Rugs for over 20 years and it’s always the first place she goes when looking for area rugs for her clients.

There is no appointment necessary to talk with Fentin while she is at the store. Customers can simply show up between 11 am and 2 pm to talk with her on a first come, first serve basis. 

See more of Faye’s work here: www.fayefentininteriordesign.com

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