Our City Is Unique – And So Are Your Rug Needs

The world is a big place and everywhere is different. In San Diego, we’re lucky to have probably the best climate in the country. Our weather is pretty unique and so are our homes – from architecture and building materials to interior design. That’s why Outrageous Rugs has compiled the ultimate room-by-room San Diego rug guide. With over 30 years of experience, we know what we’re talking about – and we want to share our knowledge with you.

The Southern California Living Room

This is the most important room of any home. As the name suggests, it’s where a lot of the living is done. You spend a lot of time in this area – and if you have visitors, it’s likely where they’ll hang out. Your living room rug should be in keeping with you and your style: its main purpose is to be inviting, represent you, and look cool – so you have a lot of free rein.

Living rooms are often ideal locations for statement rugs (note: except for under the dinner table!). And in San Diego, you may well have a balcony or yard – keep this in mind when choosing your rug. You want the rug to complement the indoor/outdoor flow, which will also make your place feel bigger and more open.

The Kitchen: Home Of Everything Good

Kitchens are where the magic happens – who doesn’t love good food?! But they do have some specific rug requirements as food will inevitably fall on the ground. Some totally eschew kitchen rugs – but having a rug in your kitchen adds a certain hominess and coziness that makes it more enjoyable to spend time in. The kitchen is the heart of the home after all.

For a kitchen rug, light colors may not be your best bet. Patterns are the most forgiving – and some lightweight rugs are even machine washable.

The San Diego Home Office

Lots of San Diego homes tend to be a little more casual, open, and bohemian than homes in other cities. Your home office doesn’t have to be stiff. The whole point of working at home is to not feel like you’re at the office, so keep it light-hearted.

Modern rugs work quite well in home offices. They’re sharp but fun – an easy style pick for a workroom (not too cozy, but not too boring either). Avoid industrial materials and the color gray – as well as anything with too much pile (you will have to wheel around in your office chair after all).

The Bedroom: Your Sleeping Chamber

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary: calm and free of stress. The bedroom is not the place for a statement rug – rather, it’s perfect for something cozy. A rug that’s soft underfoot, not too bright, and a neutral or soothing color is the way to go.

Plus, a lot of us live in apartments in San Diego. Noise from the neighbors can be a problem when you’re sleeping – but a soft, thick rug can help to absorb any excess sound, giving you a more peaceful rest.

With Our Guide, Now You Can Select The Best Rugs In San Diego

See: our amazing city creates its own amazing rug applications – and now you can capitalize on that. All of these options and more are available at Outrageous Rugs’ San Diego store. Come check them and fit out your home in Southern California style today.