Some homeowners love to make changes to the interior of their homes every now and then just to alter the feel of their homes. It gives them a sense of liberation. It’s like living in a new and totally different house less the moving out.

A good transformation should follow a storyline that will unify and complement everything from the lighting to the color schemes up to the miniscule details.

Therefore, a beautiful interior design should not be all about the looks but also about functionality to meet the needs and lifestyle of its occupants. The layout of the interior must be planned thoroughly before making a final decision to avoid unnecessary expenses. In doing so, the following home decorating mistakes should be avoided at all costs:

Bad Lighting

The quality of lighting in the room is an essential element because it can immediately change the mood and size of the room, dictate style, and provide illumination. Even the most beautiful room can look cramped when not properly lit.


Throw pillows are affordable and stylish. It can easily add color and style to any home. Here’s the catch: Too much of these will crowd your room especially your sofa. The pillows should not get in the way and leave you with no room to sit. Again, beauty and functionality must go hand in hand.

Color Scheme

It is wrong to paint the room first before deciding on the rug. A good design must start with the area rug as the focal point and connect the color theme, the fabrics as well as the furnishings to be used to it.

Following Trends Blindly

It is not a crime to be fashionable and trendy but make sure it suits your home, lifestyle and needs else you will end up with a dysfunctional home design.

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