If you are planning on decorating, get a splash of sky blue to brighten your new home. This shade of blue looks fresh and it can inject a bit of energy and a zest of life in any room. Here are five reasons why you should choose sky blue to decorate your home.

It inspires relaxation and calmness

Interior decorators and designers use sky blue because it is reminiscent of beach houses and the clear blue sky. Combine white and blue colors for a beach-inspired feel.

It perks up the mood in any room

A hint of sky blue in any room can increase creativity and productivity. Mix sky blue with warm hues for a homey and comfy vibe.

It makes the room look polished

Cooler hues and shades of blue make any room look more elegant and refined. One great tip is to accentuate sky blue with contemporary interior home accessories.

It looks amazing with neutrals

Create a subtle and breezy atmosphere by mixing sky blue with neutral palettes like taupe, beige or gray. It helps bring out hidden undertones while complementing the neutral colors for a cool yet diverse home design.

It perfectly complements bold colors

Bold hues like red and orange together with the cooler palette of sky blue can make a room standout without making it look overwhelming. It can make any room look warmer while sky blue reduces the overwhelming feel of bold hues.

[Photo by Maine Cottage via Wikimedia Creative Commons]

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