Although the popular notion is for women to dabble in interior decorating and home styling, a lot of guys are already taking interest in styling up their houses. Most men may hide their deepest and darkest feelings, but they can express them through visual elements in the home.

If you are a man looking for home styling ideas, here are three tips to personalize your personal space:

1. Take it slow.

If it’s your first time to get your hands on home decorating, start with the basics. Make sure that you have proper seating, sufficient lighting, and other bare essentials. One of the most convenient home accessories that you can use is a rug. Choose a rug that matches your preferences in terms of color and fabric.

2. Highlight your skills and hobbies.

Channel your passions through the things inside your house. If you’re a painter, go ahead and use the walls as your canvas. If you play music, devote a space in your home to showcase your musical instruments. Whatever you’re interested in, let your house visitors know more about you by simply looking at your home.

3. Find a breathing space.

It’s easy to over-complicate the decorations and furniture inside the home, so make sure that you reserve space for absolute nothingness. Most men like to do non-cerebral activities like fishing or staring blankly at the sky, and it’s the same case with devoting a “nothing” space in the home. You may opt for an area with a huge window overlooking the view outside, or a small space with just a comfy chair and a bookshelf.


Remember that it’s your home, and not your mom’s. If you have this mindset, it would probably make things easier for you to let loose and style up your house the way you want it.

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