What sets men apart from women when it comes to home styling? The common mindset is that men are more minimalistic, and therefore make choices based on functionality and practicality. They settle for basic necessities and comfort. Despite this seemingly simple taste and sense of fashion, home designs for men don’t have to be bland and boring.

According to a Houzz interview on interior designer Nicole Hollis from San Francisco, men are very clear about what they want in designing their homes. It is like their sense of style has a vocabulary that is very unique to them. Their preferred color, quality and style exude sophistication.

Here are some home styling tips that appeal to most men:

Go for sleek

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of men pay much attention to details in home décor, but these details may not necessarily be similar to what women like. For instance, most men prefer to use sleek but high-quality materials – fine leather, good quality wood, neutral colored rugs and well-polished metals.

Find inspiration in hotels

When you are designing a house for guys, it may help to take a cue from the best hotel rooms under the sun. Most men travel for business and their overview of lavishness is limited to hotel rooms. To these men, that may be their definition of a perfect home design.

Choose function over form

Men generally focus on practicality, and this is a great pattern to follow when it comes to home décor. Make sure to know what the room is used for and what the male resident will use the room for. From there, you can decide what kinds of furniture, appliances, and decorations you can put inside.

Combine hard with soft

Don’t limit yourself to surfaces and decorations that are hard. You may accentuate the tough-looking room with a splash of softness, say a shag rug or throw cushions.

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