Rugs and pets generally don’t go together, because you might think that a lot of mishaps are just waiting to happen. Most rugs are fur magnets, which can trigger allergic reactions in people sensitive to fur. Pet stains are also common for people who have rugs in their homes. Some of these stains are not only difficult to remove, but also unpleasant to the nose.

It’s really a challenge for pet owners to adorn their homes with rugs. However, if you are really aiming for a home for your dogs and your rugs co-existing together, then let me share with you a few tips on choosing the right rug for you.

Know Nylon

For a good balance between beauty, cost, durability and resistance to stains, your best bet is a nylon-fiber rug. This kind of rug fiber is easy to clean, and is cheaper than other types. In case the dirt really doesn’t come off, you can go ahead and buy a new nylon rug because it’s affordable.

Be Sneaky

Here’s a covert way of hiding pet hair: Buy a rug with the same color as your pet’s fur. Alternatively, you can choose a color pattern that blends well with your pet’s hair color.

Just Say No to Wool

Opt for non-woolly rugs. One classic choice is a bamboo rug. Aside from lifting the elegance of the room by exuding an Asian feel, bamboo rugs are very easy to maintain. When you see stains or pet fur on the bamboo rug, just wipe them off.


Use pet-friendly materials, such as FLOR carpet squares. According to its manufacturers, the material used in FLOR carpet tiles can stand against the challenges of pets and kids.

[ Photo credit: Les Chatfield via Flickr ]

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