A home lined with hardwood flooring is already beautiful by itself, but you can elevate the style of your home by using rugs. Unfortunately, if you don’t use the right rug, you might end up wasting the beauty and elegance of your hardwood flooring.

Remember that because of its size, an area rug tends to be a permanent part of the room. Because of this, it’s important to choose the perfect area rug at the start. Interior designer Faith Sheridan shares her tips on choosing the right area rug color that will match hardwood floors. Check out here video below:

Sheridan offers the following tips in choosing area rugs for hardwood floors:

1. Determine the color or stain of your wood floor, and don’t use the same color rug as the floor. Otherwise, no one will see the beauty of the rug. Instead, use a lighter-colored rug on top of the darker color of the floor.

2. Check the color group of your furniture, and let the rug follow that color scheme.

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