Are you ready for fall? The upcoming season is another perfect time for a big house cleanup, and the best excuse to have your rugs cleaned. The low moisture levels during fall enable the carpet to dry faster, safely and thoroughly.

Cleaning during fall is like preparing things for the upcoming winter. It might be true that most rugs can endure the cold weather but bringing them indoors and even storing them after cleaning during fall will lend more years to your rugs. Odds are you won’t need them for the very reason you put them outside since it is going to be very cold to even hang out in the patio. Having said that, now is the perfect time to give your rugs some loving cleaning.

Ideally, professionals will recommend you clean your rugs every six to eighteen months depending on how many people live in the house and the lifestyle of the homeowners.  The heavier the foot traffic, the larger the load of soil is being trapped in the rug. It is therefore optimal to clean both outdoor and indoor rugs during fall since most homes will get cramped during the winter. You don’t want to be sharing your space with the dust mites, do you?

Most rugs are made of synthetic materials and are easier to clean. Just lay your rug flat at the wash area. Using a mild soap without bleach and water, do a little scrubbing here and there.  Repeat on the other side, rinse, and hang to remove excess water.

For outdoor rugs and carpets, you may now roll these up for storage. Voila! Your rugs will be good as new when you take them out in the spring.

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