Are you looking to update your teen’s bedroom? Does your little man need to change the Transformer-styled bedroom into a more funky and cool bedroom design? If you want to learn funky and kitschy bedroom design ideas perfect for your teenage kids, go ahead and read on.

Teenagers often wanted to express themselves and they definitely want to stay in a place where they can escape the world and be their true self. If you’re looking into designing your teen’s bedroom, here are some top tips to make your teen’s bedroom comfortable and fun:

  • Ask what your teenager wants and let them pick their own bedroom color and design.
  • Bring them to shop for furnitures and décors that they want to use inside their room.
  • Create some DIY wall decals and decors together with your teen to make it even more unique. It will also be a good bonding time between you and your kids.
  • Make the room vibrant by allowing natural light into your teen’s room to make the room look fresher and more alive, like your teen’s lifestyle.
  • Utilize the space and make it a multi-function room – be it a sleep area, a study area or a place for your teen children to bond with you or their friends.

Your teen’s bedroom should be a window of their personality and it should speak volume about their own personal style. Plan the room with your kid to make it even more fun and make sure to play with your kid’s hobbies and strengths. Make the bedroom their own personal sanctuary!

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